Film: the mountain state

More photos from my recent developed rolls of black and white film. These are from the past few weeks, with Elaine and mine’s trip through southern WV and a visit at the Sheldon homestead represented – also, the dog ran the cat up the tree.

Check it:

Film: a black and white day of exploration

While in Mexico last December, I bought my first film camera (35mm Canon A1). I’d shot and developed film in college, nearly 8 years ago, but had never owned my own film camera until that purchase. That camera turned out to be a bust, with enough light leakage to be its own Instagram filter. But the few photos that did come out well sold me on the sharp aesthetic and beauty of film, especially black-and-white film. I quickly purchased a functional (and much cheaper) Canon A1 and went about taking a few rolls of photos.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m a much more careful photographer when I shoot with film. I also always shoot with a fixed 50mm, limiting my wide-angle range, but opening up my compositional creativity. The combination of black-and-white film with a fixed 50mm lens somehow results in a much higher return rate of quality photographs per roll. When I shoot with wide angle lenses and my digital camera, I usually like about 5-10% of the photos I take. Whereas with film and a 50mm, that number is closer to 50% – I attribute this to not only the natural beauty and aesthetic of black-and-white photography, but also because I’m a more thoughtful photographer with film. I take time to set up shots, frame subjects, play with depth of field and exposure, and truly like the shot I’m going to take before hitting the shutter.

Recently, on a walk with the family, I took this series of photos of my niece. I very much like a lot of these. The end of a cold, dark winter, mixed with the exploration of a young girl is a pretty cool combination. Enjoy!

The Black and White of Winter’s Last Gasp

Winter appears to be over. And while these photos were taken about a month ago, winter still lasted a bit longer than we all would have liked.

All shots taken with a Canon A1 35mm camera and 50mm FD lens and black-and-white film. Man, I love the way these look. Need to take more photos with my film camera. Just developed four roles from the past month or two, so more on the way.

Thanks to my wife for once again being a nice looking subject. Also, her dog.

(some) Kids Are Cute: A Photo Essay

A photo essay on the idea that “kids are cute.” Whether this is true or not wholly depends on the kids who are in the photo essay. In this case, it is my niece and nephew. So, it’s pretty obvious that it is true that kids are cute. Conclude essay. On to the photos: