A Trip Through Appalachia – Part 3

In the exciting conclusion of “A Trip Through Appalachia” series, we go to Kentucky. Kentucky is home to grass that is blue, cats that are wild, and senators that are Rand. But on this trip, it also featured coal, rocket-ships, my wife, black and white photos, bridge outs, and more delicious goodness. Look at these photos below to learn what Kentucky is all about.

A Trip Through Appalachia – Part 2

The first post in this exciting series featured some different photos about some different things that I like to photograph. This second post, named “Part 2″, does more of the same, namely, feature photos of places that I wanted to take photos of.

I like to take photos of lots of things, but old buildings, coal trains, and my wife are all in the top 200 somewhere. So, those are all represented here. Enjoy them.

A Trip Through Appalachia – Part 1

I recently joined my wife as she toured regions of Appalachia for her interactive documentary project, HOLLOW (Peabody anyone? Yes, please). It was a grand time visiting some not oft-visited areas in West Virginia and Kentucky. Here, in what will undoubtedly be a multi-part series, is PART 1 of this epic journey. It’s filled with a lot of black and white, because spring hasn’t really arrived here and it felt appropriate.

To Appalachia we go.

Israel in Film – Part 2

As I noted in this post and this post that I really like how film photos look these days. It’s awesome. Digital photos just don’t come close. Granted, the camera I used to take these photos (a Canon A1 I bought in Mexico of all places), does have a bit of light leak so these aren’t the greatest technical photos of all time, but they’re still pretty cool.

Enjoy these photos. I know you will. I just know it.